Tournament Team Tees

image001-1Try three…

(I keep typing this and it disappears)

The Summer Tees are the Black with the Green Phoenix and the White with the Red Phoenix.  (Please ignore the Black with the Blue Phoenix)

The Tournament team tees are the Blue with the Black Phoenix and the Black with the Yellow Phoenix.  We also will use the Black with Red Phoenix that many already have from the Competitive Edge Seminar.

WE would like to get as many students and families to participate as it makes it really neat to look out into a sea of people and spot our team!

These will be able to use for a few years, because we are not putting the date on it.  We do plan on putting the competitor’s last name on the tee.  They will be able to use these in class.  No one will be able to purchase the Tournament tees except competitors.

We would like to wear these the following days for the US Open:

Thursday:  Paul Mitchell Seminar:  Blue Tee with Black Phoenix

Friday:  Tournament:  Black Tee with Yellow Phoenix (for parents or when you are through competing)

Saturday:  Tournament:  Black Tee with Red Phoenix (for parents or when you are through competing and at the Night of Champions).

You can purchase here and use code:  REPSCSIN18 for a discount on each tee.  You can also purchase at the dojo at the front desk.  We will be available for this Monday or Tuesday of this week.

Thanks for supporting the team!



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